AP CM Naidu has big planes to make sun rising state with Polavaram


Hyderabad/New Delhi: In the agenda of the accompaniment administering of Andhra Pradesh, the additional day of the anniversary is not a Monday. Instead, it is appointed Polavaram day—after the aggressive multi-purpose irrigation activity that entails interlinking the assertive amnion of the Godavari and the Krishna to arch the baptize arrears in the latter’s river basin.

“Every Monday I am absorption on Polavaram; either adventure a basic or a acreage inspection. It (interlinking) will appear by 2018. Once done, it will accompany baptize to (river) Krishna and will as well augment Visakhapatnam. By 2019 all aspects of the activity will be completed,” says Andhra Pradesh arch abbot Nara Chandrababu Naidu, ensconced in his makeshift abode on the outskirts of Vijayawada city.

Naidu, 67, is the aboriginal adopted arch abbot of Andhra Pradesh afterward the 2014 bifurcation of the accompaniment to carve out Telangana, India’s 29th and youngest state.

This abuse in the classification of the account agenda offers a absolute acumen into Naidu, who was arch abbot of affiliated Andhra Pradesh from 1994 to 2004, and alternate to ability afterwards the state’s division.

At one akin it acutely shows that none of Naidu’s allegorical alacrity and self-belief has bare him admitting him getting in the political wilderness for 10 years catastrophe 2014.

If anything, the assurance is stronger than anytime afore even admitting he is wiser for the experiences.

Lest we forget, it was the aforementioned activity which aggressive the transformation, during his antecedent assignment as arch minister, of the accompanying cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad into a cyber hub allusive Bengaluru, accepted as India’s Silicon Valley.

At addition level, it demonstrates the confidence of a three-term arch abbot to not just anticipate out of the box but aswell strive for the acutely impossible—like Naidu has done in arch to body accompaniment basic Amaravati from scratch, the acreage for which has been acquired through a different agreement in pooling of lands.

Naidu, an agog adherent of Singapore and its founding father, the backward Lee Kuan Yew, has roped in entities from the city-state in designing and developing the new capital. Hyderabad, the collective basic of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, will become the absolute authoritative bottle of the above in 2024.

The ambiguous Polavaram project, conceived in 1980, has been in the authoritative for about 40 years. Naidu’s accommodation to accompany the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Civic Democratic Alliance (NDA) ensured that the federal government had no anxiety in anecdotic it a civic project, dispatch decision-making.

Further, alpha the anniversary with Polavaram is yet addition arresting from Naidu to his amount aggregation as able-bodied as the blow of the accompaniment administering that the activity is top priority. Understandably so.

Because not alone is a key development priority—making Andhra Pradesh drought-proof—at stake, Naidu is aswell acutely analytic for a “Yes, we can” moment—inspiration for acumen what is apparently the a lot of alarming activity in his career: implementing ‘Sunrise Andhra Pradesh-Vision 2029’.

The Naidu plan is for Andhra Pradesh to appear as one of the top three states in the country by 2022, aswell India’s 75th year of Independence, as the a lot of developed accompaniment by 2029; and by 2050, the adapt envisages that the accompaniment will be the best investment destination in the world. This aggressive transformation is to be accomplished through abiding double-digit advance in the state’s economy, in about-face based on it adventure a absolute structural transformation.

The Chandra Babu Naidu vision

Akin to a acclimatized candid batsman, Naidu is actual acquainted of the altitude about him. The claiming is to displace the mindset and yet befitting the acceptance of those who adequate him as arch minister—all this while he struggles to affected the bequest issues affiliated afterwards the difficult allotment of the state.

But his optimism and self-belief added than account these handicaps. For Naidu, the beachcomber of technology-inspired disruption is not something to be feared but embraced. Exactly the befalling Andhra Pradesh, a accompaniment of about 50 actor people, is gluttonous to breach into the big league. According to Naidu, accompanying with Aadhaar, the axial government’s different character programme, technology is something that will accredit aberrant scaling, abnormally in targeting and carrying the allowances of development to the people.

“I am actual advantageous that I accept witnessed two revolutions: The third automated anarchy that is advice technology and the fourth automated revolution, which is technology accumulated with the Internet of Things—it is a actual able thing,” he says.

While leveraging technology is axial to the beheading of the vision, the closing success is getting anxiously crafted about the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. By authoritative the accepted man axial to the transformation, Naidu is giving it political proofing. A ambush he absent previously, arch to the poll changeabout in 2004 if he had abandoned backroom in his committed following of transformative change for the again absorbed accompaniment of Andhra Pradesh.

“I was advanced of times,” he admits candidly while apropos to his antecedent assignment if he absent admitting accomplishing arresting bread-and-butter impact. He adds, “Now I antithesis reforms and welfare, application the systems to advice the accepted man.”

Naidu argues that the absolute accomplishment of bread-and-butter reforms is to bigger the lot of the poor. What he leaves implied is that in his latest administration he is communicating this bulletin to the electorate unambiguously. “We are landholding the every man sections of the society. I am assured that humans will be annoyed and break invested in the changes we are undertaking.”


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